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Do you have your "C-Legs"?

November 8, 2007

Albany - Amazing advances in technology are helping amputees perform everyday tasks much easier than conventional prosthetics. This is a C-Leg, a completely computer controlled artificial leg. It gives more stability and mobility to those who have lower limb loss, making it easier to walk down stairs or steep inclines.

Though many insurance companies will now cover the cost of the leg, not all will, and it's not cheap, about $65,000 for the entire prosthetic, but Jim Young owner of the Amputee prosthetic clinic says it's worth every penny.

"It is expensive technology," he said, "but well worth it. You know, put a price on your arm or leg. If you don't have one, it's almost like a VISA commercial, it's priceless."

The high tech prosthetics are now considered standard care for treatment of injured military returning from overseas.



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