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Virtual training will help police officers in real life

November 8, 2007

Thomasville-- It may look like a high tech video game.  But this $120,000 piece of equipment is not only giving criminal justice students here unique learning opportunity, its giving law enforcement invaluable training. 

"Our firearms training simulator is a 300 degree high definition totally surround sound simulator that officers can train on their judgmental use of force as well as their shooting," explains instructor and Criminal Justice Program Director, Douglas Robinson.

Thomasville Police plan to take advantage of the machine.  "The expense of coming to the building using the simulation is a lot cheaper than going to the range and having to use live rounds," says Thomasville Police Chief Ellis Jackson.

Equipped with inside and outside firing ranges, its almost like the real thing.  Using a real gun, loaded with a CO-2 cartridge the gun recoils when fired, making the simulator even more realistic. 

Besides practicing marksmanship, the program has dozens of scenarios that could come up for officers in real life.  "Officers that are on patrol will be trained on real life scenarios on the simulator and they can relate that back to patrol," says Robinson. 

Ellis adds, "The simulation gives you an opportunity to retry and hone your skills, see what you're doing wrong, making sure that you're ready."  Because when it comes to a real emergency, being ready could mean the difference between life and death.

The Southwest Georgia Tech simulator is the only one outside of a law enforcement agency.


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