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Chase suspect remains at large

 November 7, 2007

Leesburg -- The driver in a dangerous drug chase through Lee County is still on the run.  He was driving the Toyota that led two Leesburg Police officers on a chase down US 19 and onto Old Leesburg Road.   When he crashed, he disappeared into some woods. A woman in the car remains hospitalized.

Wednesday, Albany Police questioned the other passenger Collowaskii Carter, also known as Scooter, about a Sunday gang killing.    

Leesburg Police are left with a lot of questions and few answers after a drug sting at McDonald's in Leesburg touched off a high speed chase and crash.  "Really a lot is still under investigation, and we're still looking at some things that are going on," Leesburg Police Chief Charles Moore. 

Working with 50-year-old drug informant Kay Parr, police planned to take down the suspects at McDonalds', but that changed when Parr got into the suspects car, and it sped off toward Albany. "We haven't been able to talk to her or the subject in the car yet," said Moore.

Investigators say you can clearly see on dash board video the suspects throw what is believe to be the suspected drugs out the window of the car, somewhere between McDonald's and Century Road, into some bushes, however they can't find the evidence.

"According to what the video showed, there was pieces of it, and I think someone ran over it, it spread all over the place," Moore said.

After the car crashed on Old Leesburg Road, passenger Collowaskii Carter was taken to the hospital and then questioned by police about Sunday's shooting of Timothy Murray. They ruled him out in that case, but say now say he was involved in an October 27th shooting on Rosedale Avenue.

Now, Leesburg Police want to question the driver known only as Peewee. "My officers said he was about six foot tall, I think he had on a white T-shirt." Peewee managed to escape through a wooded area and elude search dogs, but police hope you know who he is and will turn him in.

Kay Parr is said to be recovering from back injuries at Palmyra Hospital. Collowaskii Carter is listed in fair condition at Phoebe Putney.

If you have any information on the driver, with the street name of Peewee you're asked to call Leesburg Police.


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