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Message movies are a Sherwood ministry


November 7, 2007

Lee County  -- Filming of Sherwood Baptist Church's third movie venture, "Fireproof" is underway.

The Albany Church's second movie "Facing the Giants" was a blockbuster hit at the box office and DVD sales. This time, the Albany Church's movie has a real movie star.

Kirk Cameron will play the lead role in the movie about an Albany Firefighter.

Film Writer and Sherwood Baptist Associate Pastor Alex Kendrick rehearses a scene for "Fireproof." The lead actress is a member of the church, volunteering in her first film role.

 "On this movie, there are no egos," Director Bob Scott said. In fact, most of the people making "Fireproof" are volunteers. But the success of "Facing the Giants" has increased the budget, the equipment, and the community support to make quality Christian movies.

Sherwood Executive Pastor Jim McBride said "We somewhat feel like the little boy who gave his five loaves and two fish to Jesus, and just were amazed what he did with it. We have been overwhelmed."

Ten professionals like director Bob Scott, who worked on movies like "Friday Night Lights" and "the Fast and the Furious" are making the movie with the volunteers, but he admits there is pressure to make more than a money maker. "With God's will, the impact is far different than a Hollywood blockbuster movie. So what's at stake is far more important."

Albany firefighters and Phoebe Putney Hospital are helping production, as well as contributions by hundreds of church and community volunteers. They know it will present a positive image of the city that will be far reaching.

Writer and Associate Pastor Stephen Kendrick said "This movie is going to represent Albany well, and so the media who are coming here are going to see a lot of positive things about Albany, Georgia."

As they shoot, producers and directors and actors look back over the 'rushes,' or raw video,  editing of the movie is already underway as it's shot. Filming is expected to finish the first week of December.

Kirk Cameron is best known for the TV series "Growing Pains." Cameron said he auditioned for the Sherwood movie because of his Christian beliefs, and belief that faith based movies can make a difference.

"Faith, character, and hope and love. When we can do films that inspire those character traits in other people, that's a double gift. You get to make a living doing something you believe in and that impacts other people's lives," he said. 

Cameron is called the lead actor in this film production, not the star, because they say they don't want this film to have stars taking away from the message.

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