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Lee Co. drug sting leads to high speed chase and several people injured

November 7, 2007

Leesburg--A search continues today in Lee County.   Police remain on the lookout for a man who led officers on a high speed chase after fleeing the scene of a drug sting.

That chase ended with a frightening crash on Old Leesburg Road.

It was a drug deal that didn't go quite as expected. Instead, it left several people injured and a white Toyota Tercel smashed.

"When I first got here, there was a bunch of cars everywhere, and when I looked over, I got a glimpse of the car and seen it was pretty bad," says Cameron Sizemore.  He witnessed the scene last night on Old Leesburg Road.

"We heard sirens coming down Leesburg highway," says Sizemore.

At 8:30 PM, Leesburg Police were conducting a drug sting at the McDonald's in Leesburg. "Our informant was going to have some dope brought to her, and when they did show up to make the delivery of the dope, the informant got into the car," says police chief, Charles Moore.

According to Moore, his officers didn't know if the informant, 50-year-old Kay Parr, was forced into the White Toyota Tercel, or if the she went voluntarily.  However, the car soon sped off.

"My officers didn't know if it was a hostage situation or not, so they pursued the vehicle," says Moore.

The car headed south on Highway 19, turned onto Forrester Parkway, then onto Old Leesburg Road.   "The subjects in the white car were throwing dope out the window going down the highway," says Moore.

Several miles down that road, police believe the car's engine then blew causing the driver to lose control.

"You see see one car go and hear it come off the ground, two cop cars behind it. Then right after that, you hear the car land back down and go to flip about six times," says Sizemore.

The driver and the passenger, both men, were thrown out of the car. The informant, Parr, was trapped in the wreckage and had to be cut out. Both Parr and the passenger were taken to the hospital. As for the driver:

"He was thrown out of the vehicle and then ran off into the woods," says Moore. And today, the search for the driver continues.

If you have any information on the driver's whereabouts, you're urged to call Leesburg Police at 759-6464.

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