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Animal shelter workers have tough job

November 6, 2007

Thomasville-- For an animal lover, a job taking care of lots of kittens and puppies may seem like a dream come true.  Walter Maseda, a kennel tech at Thomasville-Thomas County Humane society admits there are rewards.  He says, "The happy dog faces every morning when I come through the door, they are like my children, there's no way around that."

While the people who work at the animal shelter love working with the animals, the job doesn't come without challenges.  "Euthanization would be the hardest part because you become very attached to these animals while they're here," explains Maseda. 

"Of course the biggest challenge is trying to find homes for these animals so they don't have to be euthanized, and that means appropriate homes, not just any home," adds Carol Jones, executive director of the shelter.  She says the staff here works diligently to place all of the animals in good homes.

"There's always going to be some, their time has come. We're overcrowded and there's ten dogs coming in the back door that need a place. Its very emotional," Jones says.  And while it sometimes seems like a never-ending cycle, Jones says the public can help.  "The answer is spaying and neutering," she says.  "We'd love everybody to spay and neuter those animals I'd love to come in one day and be told I don't have a job anymore because they all have a home," says Maseda. 

Because the more animals who are here, the more difficult it is to take care of them all.  "The other hard thing is having enough money to do an adequate job for these animals. The vaccinations, the medications all cost money," Jones explains.  The shelter relies on donations and fundrasing for over half of budget.

But besides money, there are other ways you can help.  "We're happy to have people come and walk the animals, wash them, help us feed them. Give them lots of attention," says Maseda.  But perhaps the best thing you could do to help, is to give an animal a home.

Two fundraising events to benefit the Thomas County humane society are coming up in several days. You can have your picture taken with your pet and Santa Clause at Pebble Hill Plantation on Sunday, and the Glen Arven Country Club will host Golf and Gun, a golf and skeet shooting event on Monday.



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