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Confusion at the polls in Albany

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November 6, 2007

Albany - Confusion at the polls today. At least three Albany voters were turned away because poll workers didn't believe they lived inside the city limits. The family lived and paid taxes in Albany for six years. Eventually, it all got sorted out, and they were able to cast provisional ballots.

She has a degree in political science and has worked in local politics in Georgia, so having an opportunity to express her voice through voting is a top priority for Carolyn Friend. "It's very important. I've voted ever since I was 18 years old."

Now 73, Friend says she was shocked when poll workers at the Beattie Road precinct told her and other family members that they weren't city residents, and therefore couldn't vote in today's election.

She said, "They explained to me there was something wrong with the computer that addresses in the 1900 block of Beattie Road were considered in the city."

In reality, only homes on Beattie road that are to South of Westgate Drive and on the West side of Beattie are outside the city limits, so Friend and her family members were eventually given provisional ballots.

"It's confusing in that the county line actually runs down the middle of the road on Beattie Road. We simply had some people in the county that should have been listed in the city," said Carolyn Hatcher.

Although she was able to cast her vote, Friend doesn't quite trust the provisional ballot. "Personally I doubt it will be counted but they said it would."

But Hatcher says every vote counts. "Even though they voted provisional ballot, it will count the same tonight."

And her address will be listed within the city limits for the future elections. Carolyn Hatcher says the only other confusion today came from voters who are registered to vote in the county, showing up at polls to vote in city elections.