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Don't Drive While Drowsy

November 5, 2007

Albany - - We hear a lot about driving drunk, but what about driving while drowsy? Officers say it's a big problem that often goes un-noticed.

This week is National Drowsy Driving Prevention Week. Many people admit to falling asleep at the wheel at some point. Officers say that can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence.

The only way to avoid it, they say, is to get plenty of rest before driving for long periods of time.   

"Rolling down the window or drinking coffee, those are just quick fixes. They're not going to actually keep you awake for a long period of time of driving so what you need to do is make sure you always get adequate time of sleep," says Lt. Tom Jackson.

Jackson also says you shouldn't take any medication that could make you drowsy before you hit the road. Another suggestion is to drive with a friend or relative who can help you drive if you get sleepy.


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