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Preparing for Day at the Polls

November 5, 2007

Albany - - Tuesday, people who live in the city of Albany will head to the polls to pick a new mayor, city commissioner, and decide on a referendum that could help boost development downtown. Election officials are preparing for the rush of voters.

"This is the day we set up all our polling places, we got all our paperwork done," says Elections Supervisor Carolyn Hatcher.

Extra paperwork and extra phone calls began ringing in early this morning.

"People are calling making sure they know where to go vote which is very important before they go to the wrong place."

Election staff are making sure Election day goes smoothly.

"It's just a busy preparation time."

When you head to the polls Tuesday, one thing is going to be different this year. You have to have your photo ID on you in order to vote. Staff here have even been issuing photo ID's to people who need them. They made three Tuesday.

All of this preparation isn't for nothing. They're expecting many of you to head to the polls Tuesday, especially if advanced voting and absentee ballots are any indication.

"Over 1500. That's really a pretty good turn out for a city election," Hatcher says.

Voters we caught up with say they plan to add the number.

"I'm very concerned about how Albany and dougherty county are being run you know," says Eddie Holsely.

"Actually its your city duty to vote," Brenda Crawford said.

She has made up her mind which candidates will fulfill the items on her wish list.

"To help the city of Albany continue to grow, create jobs, and housing," Crawford says.

Freddie Holsely says he'll have his ID ready to go. He can't miss what's become a tradition.

"I been voting for a long time ever since I was 18 years old," he says.

Election Staff are glad to offer another year for him to do so because it's your day to make your voice heard.   982 people voted in advance last week. 361 people casted absentee ballots.

For everyone else, voting begins at 7 AM Tuesday and ends at 7 PM.


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