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The bill is in the mail

November 5, 2007

Albany - Dougherty County property owners will soon be getting something in the mail most people dread, their property tax bill. Right now, property tax bills are being printed, and should be sent out within the next week or two.

The board of tax assessors had to have special approval to send out bills, because so many property tax appeals are outstanding from the recent revaluation. The Department of Revenue has given the go ahead to collect based on the current tax digest.

Tax Director Denver Hooten said, "We had two choices. One was to either go to the court for a temporary collection order or the department of revenue which we would have had to take it to anyway, but we were in a position to take them the documentation required and we now have an order for billing."

After you receive your bill, you have 60 days to pay your taxes, though most people prefer paying by December 31st to claim it on their income taxes.



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