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Gang turf battle is deadly

Desmond Oliver Desmond Oliver
Dante Oliver Dante Oliver
Ronald Taylor Ronald Taylor

November 5, 2007

Albany --  A teenager is dead, three people are in jail and two others are being questioned by police. 

19-year old Timothy Murray was gunned down Sunday afternoon on Rosedale Avenue, near Hugh Mills Stadium, known CME Rattler gang territory.   Investigators say Murray was a member of the Crips, a rival gang.  

Albany Police have arrested 19-year-old Dante Oliver, 21-year-old Desmond Oliver and 17-year-old Ronald Taylor. All three are charged with fighting. Police say Dante Oliver and Desmond Oliver are Timothy Murray's cousins and were with him when two cars pulled up in the 900 block of Rosedale Avenue and the fight began.

Police today said they believe the fight on Rosedale was a continuation of an earlier fight.   "It did come up there was a previous fight involving individuals that know the victim as well as know the people we have in interest. Those names that have been given have been tied to some gang affiliation in the past," said APD Lt. James Williams.

The fight escalated into gunfire. Murray was shot in the head. Stray bullets hit several passing cars and a parked car nearby. 

Albany Police are looking for six other people, Matdrick Montell Giddens, T. B. Rodriquez Strum, a teen known only as 'Scooter,' Eric Jackson and Dontavious "June-June" Thomas.


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