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Street lights will make Dougherty residents feel more secure

November 7, 2007

Dougherty County -- As the sun sets of Radium Springs, the worry from those who live by the road rises.

"You can't see hardly at all. You pass all the driveways. You can't see the road signs. It's pretty dark around here," said Bert Graves. 

Residents feel the dark conditions make them easy targets.

"If you're in the house by yourself watching T.V. at night and the dogs are barking, you can't see who is in the yard. If somebody drives up and are in your yard you can't tell," said Graves.

This is especially true for children trying to get to school.

"In the morning time, it gets real bad because the kids have to walk down to the bus stop. You just can't see. You can't see the children," said Graves.

Dougherty County plans to improve conditions by adding new street lights to 44 intersections and 12 residential corners. A plan Tommie Postell has pushed in East and South Albany.

"It would decrease crime in the area. It would also make people feel safer when they are walking or moving around in the area," said Ward 6 Commissioner, Postell.

The new lights will help prevent crime.

"If we didn't have good street lighting, it would create another problem because people can harbor and do things especially to the elderly," said Postell.

A problem residents both inside and outside the city limits don't want to see happen in their neighborhoods.

The new street lights will take at least 6 months to get to the intersections. The lighting improvements will be powered by Georgia Power and Mitchell E.M.C.


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