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An All-Star weekend in Tifton help students get to college

November 3, 2007

Tifton -- Basketball teams pulled together to get points on the scoreboard.

Much in the same way Ambrose King pulled the community together to start The King Association of Social Change.

"I started the King Association in 2004 to give scholarships to African American males here in the Tifton Community," said King.

Ambrose, a distant relative of Dr. and Coretta Scott King, was inspired to help bring African American males a step closer to college. A direction that can be a difficult one to follow.

"We do feel that a lot of African American males are losing a grip on who they are and who they represent. I want to work with a lot of other males in the community as well to kind of help them," said King.

But this year's scholarship recipients have the drive to follow through and score a higher education.

"I worked just as hard, continuously doing my grades and just studying. Taking my time and just doing my work," said Tifton senior, Dallas Nelsoms.

Following that direction takes coaching from many different places. "We get motivation from my mom and my parents, mostly my whole family," said recipient Kentavious Jones.

King wants to make sure that his organization is another outlet encouraging African American males positively.

"We teach them how to embrace diversity, develop responsibility, confidence, self esteem and how to resolve conflict resolutions," said King.

So that they too, like his relatives, can become models of leadership in their community.


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