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Security at the fair help keep you safe

November 2, 2007

Albany -- The fall season is here and South Georgians know that means the fair is in town. But while hundreds hit the fairgrounds for fun with family and friends, security is in full force.

"We have a hundred and seventy-five members at the Exchange Club and we are all security. Not only that, but we have a big profile of law enforcement that we hire," said Head of Security, Ship Nichols.

Exchange Club personnel patrol all areas of the fairgrounds.

"We have two complete details of experienced people that know how to handle crowds on the inside and those on the outside take care of everything else," said Exchange Club President, Larry Griffin.

Exchange club security handles most of the issues, but during situations where more is required, the police step in.

"We also have some police men here helping us out and they kind of back our guys up and if it becomes more than our guys can handle than we give to the police for them to handle," said Griffin.

The only situation requiring law enforcement assistance happened last night where a 15 year -old male was robbed and jumped by a group of boys.

"We considered that an isolated incident. We don't think it was gang related. Two young men got into it and that is how are working it as," said Albany Police Lusitanian James Williams.

The exchange club credits their partnership with Albany Police for the low number of incidents.

"We are out here to make sure the public has a good time and a good safe time. That is why we are here," said Griffin.

According to the police report the boy was stabbed in the arm, but received care at the first aid station.

Lt. Williams said that they have a person of interest, and he is confident an arrest will be made.