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Chehaw promises new holiday lights

November 2, 2007

Albany-  The Parks at Chehaw wants to brighten up your holidays.

They plan to attract more visitors by drastically improving their holiday light display. The park signed a three-year deal with a professional lighting company to try to compete with Callaway Gardens huge Christmas display. Friday Water, Gas, and Light began installing the infrastructure for the display.

Thousands of lights are being prepared for a new display at the Parks at Chehaw.

"It's our most spectacular lighting show yet, we've been kind of keeping it under wraps, we've been very busy to get this event going for Albany," said Sherrell Byrd, Special Events Coordinator.

Water, Gas, and Light crews were out Friday installing the lines needed to set up the displays. Organizers are trying to generate some excitement by posting two guards giving the community a taste of what to expect.

"A couple of soldiers have perched outside of Chehaw just to welcome people and give them an idea of the magnitude of this show," said Byrd.

While they admit the past few years haven't been up to par, they're hoping to make up this year, and draw people in from surrounding communities.

"In the past few years it has dwindled a little bit, but now we're going to bring it back this is going to be like something you've never seen," said Byrd.

It could add up to revenue for the community, if word gets out.

"Come back and visit, bring their families for an extended stay," said Lisa Riddle, Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

This year's event promises to delight both young and old.

"We'll have a couple of games that the kids will be able to do as you drive around and look at the lights," said Byrd.

The display will open to the public starting November 23 and run through January 2nd. Because the display is more expansive this year, they plan to charge $12.00 a car, $15.00 for a van and $25.00 for a busload. Organizers say there will be plenty of coupons around town to help with the cost.



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