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ASU to conserve water

November 2, 2007

Albany-- Extreme drought remains a concern statewide, and with little relief in sight Albany State University is taking the lead for state universities by implementing a three section Drought Management and Water Conservation Plan.

"Some of the mandatory conservation measures, are we are no longer going to be irrigating landscapes except for preservation of the athletic fields. We are not going to be washing fleet vehicles, we are going to try and re-use as much water as we can for cleaning. Some of the discretionary measures are we are going to start using more disposable materials for like the food service and to try and cut water use there. We are going to be encouraging students in the dorms to only wash full loads of clothes and don't rum washers unless you have a full load" said plan manager Mark Masters.

An immediate reduction in usage by no less than fifteen percent to some may not sound like much, but when you figure ASU annually uses about 160 million gallons of water, that begins to turn heads. The conservation plan is also intended to develop a long term mindset among Faculty, staff, students and alumni to use both on and off campus.

"We are going to start again encouraging students and faculty to conserve, we are going to be e-mailing conservation tips on a weekly basis. We are going to put up new signage across campus to encourage conservation. We really hope that is the long term benefit from this is conservation planning" said Masters.

Students at Albany State say they do plan to do their part to conserve water in hopes that every little bit can help make a big difference. "I don't think it is so much of a sacrifice, because most of us take longer showers anyway, but it would not be so much of a sacrifice. We could all do our small part" said ASU student Theadore Holmes.



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