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Albany Autism Center

November 2, 2007

Albany - Parents of autistic children will soon have a new option to help with therapy for their child. SOWEGA Autism resources is planning to open the Albany Autism Center in January.

Dawson Road Church of Christ has donated the upstairs portion of their building to house the learning center. It will provide 15 hours of Applied Behavior Analysis therapy per child each week. Director Diane Blocker said, "If they don't receive the therapies they need, if they don't have the intervention, they are more introverted. They just sink deeper and deeper into their own happy world and that's what we're trying to do, is to get them to come out and live normal independent lives."

Tuition for the center is $450 a month. They hope to enroll six students to start with. The state of Georgia now has a new autism license plate that will raise money for additional research. If you would like more information on the center, contact Diane Blocker at 883-6288 or by email at




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