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City Commission seats up for grabs

November 2, 2007

Albany - A former Albany city commissioner wants to take his seat back. David Williams served as Ward 6 commissioner for 12 years until he was ousted by Tommie Postell four years ago. Now, he wants his seat back.

He says crimes like copper wire theft and gang activity have only increased since Postell has been in office and he wants to change that. Postell says since he's been on the commission, the police department is now almost fully staffed and able to patrol more areas.

Williams, "We've run into people who are just really afraid to be involved in trying to reduce these crimes simply because they feel that the retaliation from some of the gang members and others may come back to haunt them."

Postell said, "Since we have really gotten the police department back up to par with the manpower as it should have, I think once we have a few more months or so with that department, the chief will probably prescribe other techniques and methods to carry out safety in the city of Albany."

 Postell says he's helped clean up this piece of property on MLK drive by helping neighbors here get permission to clear the lot so criminals couldn't lurk around waiting for a crime of opportunity.

Ward 4 Seat

Bo Dorough's candidacy for mayor creates a vacancy on the commission. Two people are running for the Ward 4 seat. Roger Marietta, a political science professor at Darton College and Lou Easter Milledge Hardy, a former banker who now works as an assistant to an Albany lawyer, want the job.

Marietta has been busy, out knocking on doors and talking to the folks who live in his district. Both candidates say crime in the community is what concerns most people.

"I want to help combat the crime, the gangs, the violence, the paving of streets, the beautification of Albany, GA, especially on the West side," said Hardy.

Marietta said, "Public safety is the number one issue, but right behind that is economic development and jobs, and the two are interrelated and I think we understand that, and then the third is property taxes that the county tax assessors created by raising everybody's appraisals."

The two will face off next Tuesday, along with candidates for Wards one, six and the Mayor. A special referendum is also on the ballot asking voters to approve allowing the city to create special tax districts.

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