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Mother relieved after son's shooter gets arrested

November 1, 2007

Albany -- Get Well balloons still fill Gwen's living room. Reminding her of the crime committed against her son.

"Pig, they shot you, they shot my baby? Why did they shoot you? And he just walked in and fell on the floor," said Gwen Williams.

A crime that she thought would never happen to her family. "That's the way it is, you never think it could happen to you. But you see it did," said Williams.

The recovery process took its toll on her and the family, but Dearious's progress is undeniable.

"Today was the first day back with his band where he could pick up his drum. So I feel he is recovering real well," said Williams.

But she didn't always feel that way. "I started praying and when the doctor came out and said that he wasn't going to make it. I said I have Dr. Jesus on my side. He is going to make it," said Williams.

And Last night another one of her prayers was answered. "We knew he was going to get caught one day," said Williams.

Now she and her family will finally be able to rest easy tonight knowing that Kentrell Reed is in jail.

"It could have been somebody else's child, and he would still be running the street with a gun. And I am glad that at least they got another one off the street," said Williams. 

Kentrell Reed is now charged with aggravated assault, possession of a sawed off shotgun and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime.


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