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Police: Parents Key to Gang Involvement

November 1, 2007

Albany - - Law enforcement officers say cracking down on gangs starts in the home.  So they're educating parents about gang activity to help them take back their neighborhoods. 

Dougherty County School Police held a gang awareness workshop at Dougherty High School Thursday. They did it in conjunction with the School's I-Care Program, which is designed to get parents more involved in their student's school work.

The workshop was well-attended. Organizers say parents need to be involved in every aspect of their children's lives.

"Especially the type of friends they're hanging with, what type of clothing they're wearing, what type of things they keep in their room, on the computer, myspace, all of that can come in the account of doing something negative especially with gangs," says Officer Gary Stokes.

Organizers showed off guns and drugs associated with gangs and talked about gang recruitment and initiations.

Sheriff's Captain Kevin Sproul told the crowd young people of all races are involved in Albany gangs and they don't care how their actions affect your family.  

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