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Echols schools implement new teaching trend

November 1, 2007

Statenville - A new trend in teaching has just been introduced in Georgia, and it could put an end to old fashioned book learning.

It's called the 21st Century Classroom, and the Echols County School System is the first district in the state to use it.  "They do the video games and things like that and it catches their attention quicker and they like to interact," says Krista Rosser, a third grade teacher.

Every classroom, K through 12, is equipped with interactive and touch sensitive white boards.  Each student armed with a responsive remote, allowing them to take an active roll in every lesson, every day.

And it gives teachers a better idea where students stand in a lesson and when they are falling behind.  "I can see immediately if my class is understanding something or not and if the whole class isn't understanding then I can re-teach but I can also go back later and look up if there's an individual student struggling with the concepts," Rosser says.

And it's keeping students engaged and wanting to learn.  "Actually being able to interact with it. Going up to the smart board and moving the stuff like we were doing," says senior Olivia Law.

Fellow senior Jordan Culpepper agrees.  "It keeps me very interactive. Keeps me awake, to see something change and all the clip art and stuff like that."

It shows with the schools all experiencing better attendance rates and test scores.  "Our high school was in the top 21 percent off all high schools in the state, our middle school was in the top 24 percent," says Echols Technology Director Claude Cox.

While this technology is only in Echols County, they expect its only a matter of time before its seen in classrooms all over the state.

Implementing the system cost about $300,000 and was paid for with donations and grants.


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