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Ft. Stewart Soldier Found Dead

October 31, 2007

Albany -- It's news every military family dreads. An Albany family just got word their soldier who served in Afghanistan and Iraq  died. Emmanuel Raines wasn't killed on the battlefield. He was killed in his apartment at Ft. Stewart as he prepared for another deployment to Iraq. Now, his family wants answers from investigators. 

The tears are still fresh. News their 29 year old brother, Emmanuel Raines, was found dead inside his Hinesville home is saddening.

"I was very protective of him," says Ronica Clyde.

She and Emmanuel were twins.

"All he wanted to do was go to school, get his education, go into the army and serve his country."

That's what he did. Raines was a part of Lee County High School's ROTC program. He graduated from Dougherty High and enlisted in the army. It's something he and his older brother Enoch talked about when they were young.

"He wanted to do something strong and positive," says Enoch Raines.

Enoch was seven years older than Emmanuel. They had an inseparable bond.

"I was called him 'fat' because he was chubby as a little kid, you know," Enoch says with a smile.

They describe their brother as quiet, understanding, and giving. Raines served in Afghanistan and Iraq and was scheduled to return to Iraq next month.

"A lot of times people just don't know what these military guys go through. I can't say I know. All I can say is I can be proud of him because it takes a strong man to be able to make a decision to do something like that," Enoch says.

They have some unanswered questions about his unexpected death, but they get through by the good memories they shared.

"I loved him so very much...I miss him. That was my twin. Half of me is gone," Clyde says.

Raines leaves behind seven nieces and nephews. The army sergeant would have turned 30 next month. Funeral services haven't been arranged yet.

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