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Bank burglars break-in, but get nothing

October 31, 2007

Meigs-- It was just before 10:30 Sunday night in typically quiet downtown Meigs. Thomas County sheriff's Investigator Pascal Autrey says that's when two men tried to burglarize Georgia bank. 

"Meigs police department was notified, they responded through the course of checking the perimeter they noticed the back door had been kicked open," explains Autrey. With several kicks the bold burglars had knocked open the rear door, but not without setting of the bank's alarms.

"We're able to tell whenever the alarm did go off they left the building real quickly the same way they went in," Autrey says.  Investigators say the men left before they could take anything, but not soon enough to avoid being caught on the banks surveillance system.

Something that wasn't available when the bank was the target of an armed robbery a couple of years ago.  "You know it was kind of an older system so that did I think help the bank out with new ownership, I mean they brought it up to speed real nice," says Autrey.

That surveillance footage has given investigators a picture of the men they're looking for.   "We're still in the process of trying to enhance we do have a couple suspects," Autrey says.  One of those suspects is in custody and being questioned.  Neither suspects names will be released until they're both behind bars, and investigators say they're confident that will be soon.

If you have any information about this case, please contact either the Meigs police department or the Thomas County Sheriff's Office.




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