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Dougherty County Schools to ask for class size waiver

October 31, 2007

Albany -- The Dougherty County Board of Education Wednesday voted to apply for a waiver to exceed the maximum number of students that can be in a class.

This is the second year in a row that the Dougherty County Schools have had to ask for the waiver to exceed state-mandated class size restrictions.

 Officials say some classes at the Lincoln Elementary Magnet School and the International Studies Elementary School have one or two students too many for state limits, but not enough to set up new classes.

Dougherty Co. Schools Finance Director Robert Lloyd said "what we are getting now is children moving into the county from outside of the county, which we did not know about. And obviously could not estimate they were going to be here, which has taken some classes one or two over."

Dougherty County started this year requiring all students stay in the same class for the entire school year, even if they move, and they say that is helping to stabilize class sizes.


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