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School Health program recognized

October 31, 2007

Albany - A School health program, put in place by Phoebe Putney hospital is recognized for improving the immunization rate of students. Network of Trust School health program provides nurses for Dougherty County schools. In addition to helping sick students, the nurses also verify all immunization records to try to get kids up to date.

In 2005, an audit of schools showed the average immunization rate was only 52%.  Now, it's up to almost 89%. Now, the network has been recognized with the Walt Orenstein Immunization Award.

Nurse Melissa Ross said, "If our schools are up to date on their shot records it makes it much easier for the state or the CDC to just walk in and take a look at our shot records and say this school is up to par and we just don't have that much to worry about here in this county. It would just decrease the amount of children that are at risk."

In order to make sure shots and records are up to date, parents are notified by letter whenever a student is in need of an immunization.



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