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Wilson challenges Paulk in Douglas mayoral race

October 31, 2007

Douglas -- With family by his side, Douglas Mayor Tony Paulk hopes others in the community will support him, too, on November 6th.

He said, "Basically, I've provided a number of things.  Leadership, leadership, leadership, accountability and responsibility to the citizens of Douglas and to the tax payers."

But he won't be the only name on the ballot. His challenger; former Douglas City Manager Jackie Wilson.

"I'm passionate about this city. I'm compassionate, and love the citizens of this city. And I have 42 years of experience that I think will help me make decisions when I'm mayor," said Wilson.

With just over 10,000 citizens, Douglas is the largest city in a growing Coffee County. One important issue here, financing improvements to the city's water and sewer.

"This type of project you don't fund with taxes, you use enterprise funds. So we need to get as many grants and low interest loans we can get so we don't finance our citizens more than they can pay," says Wilson.

But Paulk says, "The only way that the city can raise money is through tax, fines, fees, and utilities. You don't just go out and buy something and then find a way to fund it. We find a way to fund it first."

With more than four decades of public service experience, Wilson says proven leadership will enable financial growth.

"I have a lot of economic development experience. We have a great economic development staff and board. And the thing that the city's expected to do, I've got 42 years experience in that,"said Wilson.

But Paulk feels his years as mayor of Douglas has proven he's the people's candidate.

He said, "Douglas has been able to replace a thousand jobs that we lost. We have two new industries, more restaurants than you can count, and the city of Douglas is very strong financially. And we're going to continue on that path."

Will there be a new addition to the wall of mayors in Douglas City Hall, or will it remain the same? The voters will answer that question next Tuesday.

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