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Schools ad soap to Staph fight

October 31, 2007

Albany --  Dougherty County School officials are working to make sure all school bathrooms have working soap dispensers to help protect students against that drug resistant staph infection.     

School officials have been telling students to wash their hands to reduce the risk, but that's been impossible in some schools that used anti-bacterial gel in classrooms, but not soap in bathrooms.     

Now, workers are making sure bathrooms in all 26 schools have soap and paper towels or blow driers. Health officials insist washing your hands frequently with soap and water is the best way to fight MRSA.   

"There are a few middle and high schools that have a shortage," said Public Information Director Brenda Horton. "One school a shortage of soap dispensers, one school a shortage of paper towel dispensers. But our facilities department is addressing that as we speak.  All of those things are being corrected this week"

Custodians are putting pump soap dispensers in bathrooms until all the wall-mounted units are repaired or replaced.  They hope to have all the bathrooms fully stocked by Friday.      

They're also scrubbing and wiping down all schools with virus and fungicide cleaners to fight the staph bacteria.


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