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Valdosta donates supplies to third world countries

October 31, 2007

Valdosta - Hospitals like Smith Northview and South Georgia Medical Center are constantly upgrading their equipment and now the Valdosta Rotary club is using the older supplies to help patients and doctors across the world.

"When some new bell and whistle comes out, the hospitals buy it but in these small hospitals in less developed countries, that's not true.  The things that we are discarding are state of the art to them," says Joe Cordova, head of the Medical Transport Committee.

They are collecting the unwanted equipment, "Electric beds that SGMC has given us and Smith Northview has given us a lot of physical therapy equipment.  Walkers, canes, wheelchairs, things like that.  Just basic needs."

And are sending it off to a hospital in Pitrufquen, Chile.  "It's just a wonderful thing to go down there and see the reaction, particularly of the patients and children who have received these services."

But it's not just the patients, the hospital's administrators appreciate the help so much they've dedicated part of the hospital to the city from which the much needed supplies came.

"Inside the hospital there's a recovery room that has a plaque on the door calling that the Valdosta room," Cordova says.

Valdosta Technical College donated a truck and driver who will bring the load of medical supplies to Savannah tomorrow.  It will be shipped off to Chile by the end of the week.

Future shipments will also go to hospitals in Africa and throughout South and Central America.


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