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Don't let your house waste your $$$

October 30, 2007

Albany -- The Department of Energy is projecting higher heating bills this winter. The rising price of oil, higher demand, and a prediction for a colder winter may have you frozen stiff when you open your bill.

Governor Sonny Perdue proclaimed Tuesday Weatherization Day, to encourage Georgia citizens to make their best effort to save energy.

It doesn't take much to save money on your utility bill this winter. It's as simple taking some time out to let the sun shine through. "The first thing you want to do to save money in the winter time is to open up these blinds. You have sun that radiates through the windows," said WG&L's Larry Evans. 

Ceiling fans aren't just for the summer. They can be as essential when it's cold if you set it to heating mode. "Heat rises, so the hot air will be at the top of the ceiling. So when it is set correctly it will blow the hot air down," Evans said.

Crevices in windows and doors will allow a draft through dropping the mercury in your home. "If you see any light through any of these areas, you want to get a weather strip so that you won't see any light through these doors," Evans said.

Higher water temperatures can also mean money down the drain. "The water temperature on your water heater should be around 112º to 120º."

Making sure your filters are clean will make your heating unit more efficient. "A clogged filter slows the air flow down. That slows the speed that the heat," said Evans.

Weatherizing your home is not only good for the environment but good for your wallet as well. Weatherizing can save an average household more than $350 this winter.

Any Water Gas and Light customer can also have their home assessed free. Just call 883-8330 to schedule an appointment.


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