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Lottery tickets undo "wall banger"

October 30, 2007

Albany -- Dougherty County Police arrest two men who they call the "Hole in the wall Gang" who they think could be linked to at least ten store break-ins, where the burglars knocked holes in the back walls of the stores.

24-year-old Richard Taylor and 23-year-old Clifford Thomas of Albany were arrested by Dougherty County Police Investigators, and charged with burglary and theft by receiving.

Investigators say since August Taylor and Thomas have broken through the back walls of several stores in Dougherty County and Albany, twice breaking into the Radium Springs Food Mart on Radium Springs Road. That store owner said they stole his surveillance security system, money, cigarettes, and lottery tickets.

We showed you surveillance photos from the Neighborhood Grocery Store September 21st, where Taylor is attempting to cash some of those stolen lottery tickets, and that helped stop him.

"Part of the way we were able to solve this case was through them cashing in lottery tickets," says DCP Captain Jimmy Sexton.

The owner of the Radium Springs Food Mart said he spent $15,000 reinforcing the back wall of his store, to make sure thieves could not break through again. Taylor and Thomas are being held in the Dougherty County jail.