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Downtown development will be on Nov. 6th ballot

October 29, 2007

Albany -- Efforts to revitalize downtown Albany will be on the November 6th ballot.

Voters will decide whether to allow city officials to name certain areas of Albany Tax Allocation Districts.

Doing so would allow any taxes coming from any new business in these districts to go toward encouraging other business owners to develop those areas.

Those districts would likely be set up downtown, as well as in East and South Albany.

"One of our challenges is trying to get people to want to come and be a part of this community. We are a retail center, and we have an enormous opportunity to grow. This thing has been around for 23 years and we have failed to take advantage of it. So this is our chance," said Assistant City Manager, James Taylor.

Tax allocation districts would not cost tax payers any money because the money to encourage development would come from new businesses that have come into these Tax Allocated Districts.


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