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Government wants to seize pot growing houses

October 29, 2007

Lee County   --  The U. .S Attorney's office filed a civil complaint to seize five homes in Lee and Terrell Counties used in a marijuana growing operation.   

They are asking the courts to forfeit and condemn the homes at 159 Brightwater Driver owned by Bush-Bacon Lloyd Developers, 180 Fowler Driver owned by Stephen Bacon, Junior, and the home on 412 Martindale Drive owned by Bush-Bacon Lloyd Developers.      

In Terrell County, they want to seize the home at 5226 Florida Short Route Road, owned by Michael and Carol Suber, and 428 Cinderella Lane owned by Charles Payne.  Both Michael Suber and Charles Payne were arrested and charged in the growing operation.      

Lee County stands to benefit if the suit is successful.  "We take the assets out of the hands of the people growing marijuana, which we need to do.  Number two, is the assets can then be converted to be used by the Sheriff's office for law enforcement purposes," says Lee Co. Sheriff's Col. Duane Sapp.

The federal government would likely sell the homes and share the profit with Lee County's Sheriff's Office.   The U. S. Attorney's office is continuing to investigate the criminal case which could go to a grand jury before the end of the year.     

Thirteen people are charged in the marijuana ring.


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