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Most Wanted fugitive remains in ICU

October 29, 2007

Albany -- One of America's Most Wanted fugitives remains in the Intensive Care Unit at an Albany hospital, after he was found there by Dougherty County Sheriff's Investigators Sunday.

 66-year-old James Croy has been wanted in Texas and Maryland for almost ten years, for stealing millions of dollars in a phony investment scheme.

Sheriff's Investigators say they believe 66-year-old James Croy has been in Albany for about a week. Following a tip from Montgomery County, Texas, lawmen, Investigators Sunday spotted Croy's wife, 49-year-old Jenette Croy, and followed her to the Intensive Care Unit at Phoebe Putney Hospital.

Investigators believe Croy came to Albany to visit one of his children, but heart problems finally ended his nearly decade-long run from the law. Dougherty County Sheriff's Captain Craig Dodd said "He became extremely ill after he got here. He had already been ill, before he got here. But it went downhill after he got here, and he was checked into Phoebe Putney."

A Georgia native, Croy is wanted in Maryland and Texas for scamming people out of four million dollars in a phony art investment scheme in the late 90's. Sometimes using the name Bobby Reno Livingston, an identity he stole from a dead man in San Antonio, he has been on the run from the law since.

Croy is too sick for Sheriff's Investigators to talk to, but when they confronted his wife Sunday, she was relieved and confirmed Croy's identity. Dodd said "The main thing she was relieved about, I think, was she was not wanted anywhere."

Croy is not charged with any crime in Georgia. Investigators say he is not under guard, because he is so ill he is not a flight risk. Dodd said "He's unable to go anywhere. If he was to recover, we would then contact Texas and Maryland about extradition. If he doesn't recover, of course, we will just confirm for them what the future holds."

The one thing certain about James Croy's future, his days on the run as a fugitive are over.

Sheriff's Investigators say Croy was checked into Phoebe Putney under an assumed name. The hospital will not give out any information on his condition.


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