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Deputies locate one of America's Most Wanted in Albany

October 28, 2007

Albany -- A con man featured on America's Most Wanted has been located by deputies right here in Albany.

Authorities say 68-year-old James Alden Croy, who goes by several different aliases, was wanted by police in Texas and Maryland for selling phony investments - an organized crime scheme that conned hundreds of thousands of dollars from customers.

For nearly a decade, Croy, a career con man, has eluded police. But Sunday afternoon, Dougherty County Sheriff's deputies tracked down the man wanted for swindling millions from investors.

"He's alleged to have conned people out of about $4,000,000 in collectible items," said Capt. Craig Dodd, Dougherty County Sheriff's Office.

Wanted in Texas on charges of unregistered securities, organized criminal activity and bail jumping, Croy, who also goes by the alias Bobby "Reno" Livingston, could no longer run, as he is now a patient at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital.

Dodd said, "We confirmed he was there. We confirmed his condition, and made contact with his spouse. Also, we confirmed his location for Harris County, Texas."

Croy was featured on America's Most Wanted three times before and after he was arrested on charges in Texas back in 1999. But when he was indicted, a clerk's office error allowed him to post a $5,000 bond. He then skipped town, running from police in two states until a tip came in to local authorities.

"We received information the Harris County District Attorney's Office in Houston, Texas that it was possible he was in our area. We were able to narrow down a location and basically through surveillance, locate where he was at,"said Dodd.

According to the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office, because of Croy's condition, he was not read his rights or taken into custody.

It will likely be left up to authorities in Texas to determine what happens to him next.

Police say that it is unlikely Croy will face extradition to Texas because of his current medical condition.

Deputies say that when Croy was located, he was unable to even speak with them.