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Victim of a Sunday shooting says she was targeted

October 28, 2007

Albany -- A night out with friends becomes traumatic. "I saw them giving the gun to the other boy and the next thing I know he started shooting," said Kimberly Thomas.

Kimberly Thomas met a few people leaving Ness's Lounge around three Sunday morning. They crossed Jefferson street when she saw three black men, one with a gun.

"As soon as we were walking up, one of the other guys told his friend; he had a white hat on, was growing dreads and his beard was growing like this. He told his friend give me the gun, give me the gun, I will shoot them in the knee caps," said Thomas.

Everyone on Jefferson ran from the scene. No one was hit during the crossfire. But it wasn't long before shots were fired again.

"They started shooting again. They walked down a little bit more and started shooting. We went and told the police, and the next thing we know they said someone else had got shot," said Thomas.

25 year-old Marcus Daniels was shot in the upper thigh during the second round at the intersection of West Whitney and Monroe streets. This isn't the first time these men has shot at them.

"As soon as we crossed the street, I had noticed the guys and I was telling my other friends that they are going to start shooting because they were the guys who started shooting last week," said Thomas.

The constant violence they believe was triggered by their sexual preferences. "They started shooting because I am a transsexual and there are a couple of transsexuals who hang there," said Thomas. "Whatever my sexual preference is it has no reason for anyone to mess with me. I don't mess with anyone else."

Thomas only hopes the next weekend outing doesn't turn violent or even worse, deadly.

Marcus Daniels was released from Phoebe Putney. Both shootings are still under investigation.

The Albany Police department is also investigating a report of shots fired at Big Daddy's Lounge Sunday night. No one was injured.


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