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Students get close up look at civil war

October 26, 2007

Boston--It's not halloween just yet.  So why are the people dressed in civil-war era costumes?  "We're trying to present a little bit of history, hands on history for the children," explains Joe Craigmiles, the organizer of the Civil War Re-enactment.

Friday more than 600 children from area schools came to the Civil War encampment set up in old Boston. The event's history-buff organizers say they want kids to get a complete picture of the war between the states.  "The school books don't teach the true history and that's what we're trying to do is present both sides of it.  Really the sacrifice and dedication that they had," says Craigmiles.  Stations were set up for kids to visit to learn more about infantry, medicine, and life in general during the civil war.  "They can get the hands on things and we found this is the best way to learn," says Craigmiles. 

This weekend more than 400 civil war re-enactors will perform at the site for anyone who wants a first-hand history lesson.  Craigmiles says, "With the re-enactment and all people can come out and walk through the tents on Saturday and Sunday and talk to soldiers and they really get an idea about how the people lived back there in those days, how they got along."

But not everything this weekend will be set in the past. The parade, live music, and other events are a high-light of downtown Boston every year.  Mayor of Boston, Danny Groover says, "We've got a lot of new businesses here and it definitely helps our economy."

And it may not be as big as the one in Boston Massachusetts, but its every bit as fun.  "Its a half-marathon. We expect maybe 200 plus runners from all over the southeast and its just a great race," says Groover.

So whether you're in it for a fun, or educational experience, head to Boston this weekend. There's something for everyone to enjoy.  The race kicks off at 8 a-m tomorrow with events all throughout the day. Two civil-war re-enactments will be performed on Saturday and Sunday afternoons at 2:15 p.m.




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