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Cold medications for little ones off store shelves

October 26, 2007

Albany -- Both of Kerri Stephens daughters are far past the toddler stage, but she still remembers what it took to relieve their cold symptoms as babies.

"A lot of times we would use the liquid Motrin. And I would alternate between that and Tylenol. Or we would use the Dimetapp. Anything that they liked we would use and was grape," said Stephens. 

Brands that have now been pulled off store shelves. "The concern is that there is not an established dosage for those kids," said Southwest District Health Director, Dr. Jacqueline Grant.

That could make it easier for parents to overdose especially with children two years old and under. "Most of the time it didn't effect them just helped with the congestion and they did sleep a little bit better," said Stephens.

"There are so many mistakes made over the past couple of years over 1,000 children more like 15 hundred of them that have had adverse effects from those medications," said Dr, Grant.

Parents aren't left with much to relieve their child's cold. "These drugs have not shown to be effective so there is no lose with pulling it off the shelf. Kids with colds, the cold is going to run its course anyway," said Dr. Grant.

"You're going to have a lot of crying kids, a lot of fussy kids," said Stephens. A sacrifice mom and dad's will have to put up with to ensure their child's safety.

Parents can use cool mist humidifiers, rubber suctions to clear infants clogged noses and chest creams to relieve congestion on small children.


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