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Marine drill team as good as advertised

October 26, 2007

Albany -- A precision performance was put on Thursday night to show pride in the armed forces at a time when the country is divided by the war in Iraq. It was a free show hosted by the Marine Corps Logistics Base to help maintain its close relationship with the people of south Georgia.

Three year old Aidon salutes the flag with pride. A pride for his country that he learned from his grandfather Larry Jordan, a Marine Corps veteran. " I spent 23 years in the Marine Corps and I thought he would enjoy the silent drill team and the drummer blue cord," he says.

 Hundreds filled the Albany Civic Center to watch rifles fly through the air with precision. "This part of the Marine Corps is not often seen or heard so we are excited we are excited for people to see a different part of the Marine Corps, a part they may not know about," said Lt. Caleb Eames of Marine Corps Logistics. 

 "They'll see the best things about the Marine Corp and it instills wonderful things in young people,"  said Jordan.

Events like these help the armed forces boost recruitment. "We definitely hope that some of the young people in the audience have the Marine Corps pop in their minds. If they get a chance to see this kind of performance they'd say, I d like to be one of those people," said Eames.

It also brings unity to a country that doesn't  see eye to eye on the direction of the war in Iraq. "Events like this remind us that we need to be proud, we can be proud to be an American. And support our Marines. I think our country takes things for granted, but events like this reminds us that we do have a proud heritage," said Chamber of Commerce President Tim Martin.

A heritage that was celebrated in Albany. MCLB puts on the performance every year. They used to do it at the base, but moved it to the Civic Center last year to attract a bigger crowd.

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