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Adams wants second term, Dorough a first

Mayor Doctor Willie Adams Mayor Doctor Willie Adams
Ward Four City commissioner Bo Dorough Ward Four City commissioner Bo Dorough

October 25, 2007

Albany -- In less than two weeks, Albany voters will elect a Mayor.  Doctor Willie Adams is seeking reelection, but Ward Four City commissioner Bo Dorough says he can do a better job.

For the past four years he's sat at the head of the table, leading Albany city commissioners during weekly meetings, and he hopes he'll be here for four more.

"I'm running again and I'm excited about the race," says Dr. Willie Adams, who defeated incumbent Tommy Coleman four years ago, and is now up against one of his fellow commissioners.

"I came to the conclusion that I could better serve the community in the capacity of Mayor and that's why I've offered for this position," said Commissioner Bo Dorough.

Dorough has served as Ward four commissioner for eight years.  He says one thing he's heard repeatedly is that the city needs better policing, and he has a solution. "We would fully staff precincts throughout the city.  I would support assigning officers to specific areas in the community where they became familiar with the community, the citizens there and they are perceived as friends as opposed to temporary presence in the community."

Adams says he too is concerned with public safety. "There are a lot of things we'd like to do, but certainly public safety is at the top of the list.  People are concerned about public safety.  We've got to do a better job in that area."

Adams says he's also concerned with senior citizens, and wants to make sure a state of the art senior center becomes a reality.

Dorough says he wants to make sure the people who work for the city aren't a drain on taxpayers dollars.  He wants performance evaluations carried out, and if employees don't meet or get up to standard, they would lose their jobs. "To be more efficient, our city has to have employees who are accountable and take their profession, their occupation seriously."

As seriously as these two men are taking the campaign trail.  One Adams says will lead him right back to the head of the table. "One of the biggest blessings was when the citizens selected me as the Mayor of the city of Albany."

And he's confident of victory. "It's going to happen again."

But not without a fight. Dorough says he's going to knock on every door he can until you elect him as the new mayor of Albany on November 6th.  


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