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Shortage means competition for linemen

October 25, 2007

Albany-  Two more Water, Gas, and Light linemen have resigned and will go to work for a competitor, leaving Water, Gas, and light with half the linemen they had a year ago.

Retirements and better offers at bigger utility companies have reduced Water, Gas, and Light's linemen staff from 17 to 9. WG&L's light superintendent says nearly have the workforce is at retirement age and bigger utilities are stealing qualified workers by offering better pay and benefits.

"The problem is the tools we have to get a person on his jobs description from the A-step to the S-step, the tools to move them up the pay scale is what we need to work on," said Jimmy Norman, WG&L Light Superintendent.

Thursday he urged the board to reduced the department's scale so employees can see raises more frequently.

They passed a brochure from a power company around that advertised $32.00  an hour, plus a signing bonus for linemen.

The same job at Water, Gas, and Light pays about $10.00 less.



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