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WG&L power costs go up

October 25, 2007

Albany-  Georgia's drought is raising energy prices for Water, Gas, and Light.

Water, Gas, and Light gets its power from two sources, MEAG and SEPA. While SEPA only provides about 25 percent of Water, Gas, and Light's supply, their price has gone up because most of what they generate is hydroelectric, which has been affected by the drought.

"When they're not able to do that, they're obligated to supply us so much power so, then they go into the market and buy the power and that's expensive power," said John Vansant, WG&L Fiscal Affairs.

It's costing Water, Gas, and Light an additional $175,000 for that electricity. SEPA costs are expected to remain high through the end of the year.

Right now that increase isn't being passed on to customers.

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