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Lady Cavs have scoring punch

October 24, 2007

Albany - Darton sophomore Cherrelle Albert and freshman Stephanie Daniels don't just lead the Lady Cavs soccer team in scoring-they lead the entire nation.

Stephanie Daniels said  "Me and Cherrelle had this thing where we gotta be number 1 and number 2. Gotta keep it close, so nobody can catch us, and we just did it."

Albert has 37 goals and 17 assists so far this season.

Topped only by her teammate Daniels 39 goals and 19 assists.

Cherelle Albert said "It gives Darton a good image to have the nations leading scorers at their college, so it's pretty fun."

Daniels has scored four goals in three different games this season.

Albert put five on the board against Truett-McConnell earlier this month.

Darton women's soccer coach Ken Veilands said "They're the two best in junior college, but they're actually as good as any two probably at any college level. They're both Division I level players, and if they're playing together anywhere they'd be successful."

Having two high profile scorers on the team hasn't led to a rivalry, or even a friendly competition....just teamwork.

Daniels said "Just knocking goals in, we weren't really worried. We just wanted to be number 1 and number 2. It didn't matter who was number 1 and who was number 2."

Albert said "Make sure we're a threat to every team, knock balls in, assist each other, and the girls behind us have been great helping."

And the duo will be looking to continue to light up the scoreboard this weekend in the region tournament at Young Harris.