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Be prepared when you vote

October 24, 2007

Albany--  Advanced voting in Georgia begins in just a few days. Election officials want you to be prepared when you go to cast your vote.

The Secretary of State's office sent out 166,000 letters to active and inactive registered voters to remind them that photo ID's are now needed at the polls.

The main forms of acceptable identification are a driver's license or a government-issued ID.

"You can use other things if it's a federal government employee ID card or a city, county ID card, a passport, anything that is issued by the government," said Dougherty County Election Supervisor Carolyn Hatcher.

Valid military or tribal ID's are also acceptable. If you don't have an ID, your County Election office can provide a free one for you if you apply by next week.

Advanced voting begins Monday morning. In Albany, it'll be in the Riverfront Resource Center on Pine Avenue next to the Riverquarium.  Hours are 8:30-5:00.


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