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South Georgia Red Cross volunteers maybe headed west

October 24, 2007

Albany-  South Georgia American Red Cross volunteers could be headed west in the next several weeks to help with California's wildfire relief effort.

Mari McEwen says all American Red Cross branches are required to lend a hand thanks to a mandate from Congress, but they don't get federal aid. The national office has already sent a request for volunteers and southwest Georgia is prepared to respond.

"We went through all of our files and found our volunteers that are qualified to do these different things. They need shelter workers, shelter supervisors, people that can manage the food distribution," said Mari McEwen, Southwest Georgia American Red Cross Director.

The names of eight local volunteers have been submitted. They're looking for at least 900 volunteers from a five state region around Georgia. If you have family you haven't been able to get in touch with that may have been evacuated, the Red Cross can also help with that. You can log onto their web site, for home fire safety tips at,1082,0_242_,00.html

for wildfire safety tips at,1082,0_251_,00.html

and to check on family members at



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