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Colquitt Countians united by crime

October 24, 2007

Moultrie --  Crime like the home invasion which left Karen Moore dead, and her husband shot multiple times, has the city of Moultrie taking action.

For the last two nights they've held neighborhood meetings. Both city leaders and residents want to take back their neighborhoods.

Those meetings cover a wide variety of issues, from low water pressure to being safe in their homes. This week's deadly home invasion has people on edge wondering what they can do to keep crime out of their neighborhoods.

Neighbors along Country Circle and Country Drive say it's not the same neighborhood it once was.

"Things have really changed, really went downhill, I mean it's not as nice as it use to be, the people aren't as friendly," said Summer Richmond.

More strange traffic is filtering through neighborhood streets, neighbors we talked with both on and off camera say drugs are a big issue along with others.

"Anything from speeding to breaking and entering."

It's what Moultrie city leaders and police want to hear about at neighborhood meetings to begin to combat some of Moultrie's trouble.

"Some of the issues that came up were related to crime and the police department was there to listen and to help talk about those. It was even helpful with some of the things that maybe were issues, that were maybe brought up, that were issues the police department didn't know about and they made sure they let the citizens know, hey you got to let us know what's going on so we can help you," said Moultrie Main Street Director Amy Johnson.  

By having these meetings they hope to get citizens more involved and get them to take ownership of their streets.

"Those are key vehicles that are going to help the different neighborhoods in combating some of the issues they have and it's not necessarily just crime, maybe they want to come together, maybe they're having an issue about littering or water pressure," said  Johnson. 

City leaders hope more neighborhood watches are formed as a result. Residents say they'll do their part in the hope for safer streets.

"I would be scared to walk around the neighborhood at night or push my daughter around the neighborhood in the stroller, you know just us," Richmond said.

Neighborhood meetings in Moultrie this week and they're talking about holding the gatherings quarterly.  About 100 people have attended the meetings so far.

  • Monday October 29th at C. A. Gray Middle School
  • Monday November 5th at Moultrie Tech College
  • Special meeting with Spanish interpreters, Wednesday November 7th at the Colquitt County Extension Office on Veterans Parkway 

All meetings start at 6:00 pm.


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