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Commissioners Go Into Reserves for Healthcare

October 23, 2007

Albany - - Albany city commissioners had a heated debate Tuesday night about health care costs for public employees.

They approved taking 2.8 million dollars from the city's reserve fund to make sure city employees are covered through next June. But commissioners questioned city staff why they just found out about the emergency need for the extra money.  

"A red flag should've went up and what infuriates me is the last minute decision we have to vote on coming before the commission. That is being irresponsible," says Commissioner Jon Howard.

"Whoever's giving us our projections of what our health costs are going to be, that needs to be addressed," says Commissioner Bo Dorough.

City staff say rising health care costs and an unpredictable increase in claims were factors. The city is in a pool with the county and WG&L. That means they help each other if healthcare claims exceed the allotted budget for one of those entities.

The city staff says that's actually hurting the city this year and they could opt out of that pool in January.


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