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Valdosta police hope to solve cold case

October 23, 2007

Valdosta - October marks the fifth anniversary of the disappearance of 26 year-old Paula Wade and her 3 year-old son Brandon.

Her family and police are still searching for answers. "It was devastating at that time and it still is this time over 1800 days later," says Regis McGrath, Paula's father.

Wade and her son were reported missing by a co-worker at Sam's Club when she didn't show up for work on October 14, 2002. Her car was sitting outside her vacant apartment.

No one has seen or heard from them since but police say the case is still open.  "Its not just one person missing but there is a lady and her 3 year-old son and we will not put this case down and to the side," says Lt. Bobbi McGraw of the Valdosta Police.

This age progression photo of Brandon has now been released and Wade's family, Valdosta police, and the Governors office are all offering rewards for any information that may help them solve the case.  "I believe there are people out there who have information that can help us find Paula and Brandon and bring them home," McGraw says.

And bring closure to her family.  "Its very heart wrenching, not having any kind clue what happened," McGrath adds.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Valdosta Police Department or the anonymous tip line at 229-293-3091.


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