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10 Country: Linda's Fright Shack

October 23, 2007

Irwin Co.--Strange things happen to some people as Halloween approaches. They don't act like themselves, experience a personality change, and a person can feel something different about them.

With one person, in particular, her dual personalities might be caused by her getting frightened in her own haunted house.

Sometimes a computer seems to have a mind of its own.

"Sometimes it seems as if it is haunted," says Linda Delaney as she types on her keyboard.

She spends a lot of time with web sites.

"I just like webs," says Linda.

 Including spider webs.

 Linda has a dark side.

 "Hello my little sweetie," says Linda while wearing a witches' costume and laughing.

 She obviously gets into the Halloween spirit and it makes a person question her intensity. 

 Linda never experienced Halloween like many of her friends when she was growing up because she lived in the woods and didn't have enough neighbors to trick or treat.

"I'm making up for it now," says Linda who, for the past six years, helps build a different type of haunted house that she named the Fright Shack. She uses a series of utility-like buildings interconnected with plastic to guide visitors.

"I don't like the dark. People jumping out just make it worse," says Victoria Davis as she waits to go inside.

"I love scary stuff," says her dad, Ray Davis.

Visitors are on their own to navigate a maze of long, eerie hallways covered in a mile of black plastic.

"We do not guide you," says Linda. It's pitch black inside, but after fumbling around for a few seconds, they see a sliver of light and head for it.

They feel alone, but far from it. People of the dark watch their every move.

Ironically, Linda gets spooked in her own shack.

"It got me good. I think there's somebody is here and there's nobody here," says Linda

Always assume somebody is there.

"We're having fun," says Linda.

More like a scream.

Linda's Fright Shack has an excellent fright average.

"Maybe one in a hundred won't be scared," says Linda.

She particularly welcomes those who think they have nerves of steel.

"Oh, yes. That's the best challenge in the world," says Linda.

The Delaney's think of Halloween year round; no two Fright Shacks are alike.

"We have 13 rooms set up this year," says Linda.

Rooms hard to get out of.

"How do we find the door," says Ray in the room that looks like one at a funeral home. A bride died suddenly while still wearing her wedding gown. He husband stands at her head laughing, as if delighted by her death.

Visitors often find it exceptionally difficult to find their way out of rooms.

"You can't come out the way you went in," says Linda.

A puzzling predicament, made worse by the dark.

"Had to go rescue them," says Linda about some people who yell for help.

Occasionally, a spook helps out.

"Wrong way," says one, since Victoria and Ray had quite a time finding the exit to the room that housed an electric chair.

It takes about 30 minutes to tour the Fright Shack, 30 scary minutes.

"It was better this time than last time," says Ray after his visit.

Victoria felt she would have a hard time sleeping after her scary tour.

They had a frightening time where a woman makes up for lost screams.

Linda enjoys plenty of help with her Fright Shack. Her husband, Del, their family and friends help out. The Fright Shack is located about four miles south of Ocilla on highway 129.

Look for the big monsters on the west side of the road, and they have a web site: http://www.oliversfrightshack.com .

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