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Family of the year selected

October 18, 2007

Albany - The Albany Women's Club honors a family for their contribution to the community. JoLyn Baker, a member of the club and her husband were selected as the family of the year.

The two volunteer their time to many organizations and charities. It's been a hard week on the family, her husband was actually in a bad wreck last weekend on the way to an event for Shriner's and is now recovering.

JoLyn says that won't slow them because service is in their blood. "I think everybody owes a lot to their community. We have a very wonderful community here, people that donate time and effort and money and you reap a lot of reward for doing that, just the way that you feel because of being able to help other people is a reward in itself."

JoLyn is also a member of the Albany Women's Club.



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