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A tax reform reality check

October 17, 2007

Albany--  They say two things are certain, death and taxes. There's also certain to be a big fight over taxes at the state capitol next year.

Several groups want you to be informed about multiple tax reform proposals. A partnership including The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute and AARP Georgia brought their Tax Reform Reality Check to Albany Wednesday night.

One reform proposal would replace property taxes with a state sales tax. Advocates for the elderly say it's important for seniors to know about possible changes because they could have a negative effect on them.

"If you eliminated the property tax and put the sales tax on a whole range of services, your would still fall short of making up the revenue so that means, they project a 2 billion dollar hole in the state's budget," said AARP Georgia Advocacy Director Kathy Floyd.

That projection comes from a recent Georgia State University report. According to the report, that could cause cuts to healthcare or force a major increase to the state sales tax.  

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